"Country folks can survive."


We raise our pork out in the fresh air and sunshine on locally raised feed. 

Pastured Pork cuts currently available

Cut                                            Price               Approx. package weight

Spare Ribs                               $7.00/lb           sold out

Pork Tenderloin                      $12/lb               sold out

Shoulder Roast                       $7/lb                 

Picnic Roast                               $7/lb                  

Pork Chops                              $7/lb                

Pork Steak                               $7/lb                

Ham Steak(smoked or fresh) $7/lb        

Whole Ham (smoked or fresh) $7/lb - Pre order for fall butcher dates only

Bacon  Non NItrate Cured       $10/lb 

Side pork (pork belly)             $10/lb. 

Neck bones                              $4.lb.

Pig cheek                                  $6/lb

Ham hocks - smoked               $4/lb - non USDA

Trotters                                    $4/pkg.           2 trotters - sold out

Pork fat/leaf fat                        $10/pkg         sold out

Heart & Tongue                         $2/pkg.          1 heart & 1 tongue - sold out

Ground Pork                                         $6.50/lb.      sold out

Hot Italian Sausage - link                   $7/lb            

Mild Italian Sausage - link               $7/lb            

Breakfast sausage - bulk or link         $7/lb.            sold out

​Fresh Bratwurst - link                            $7/lb.            

Beer Bratwurst - link                           $7/lb.             1 lb.

Chorizo - link                                     $7/lb.             1 lb.

Mango Habenero Brat link - spicy                                     $7/lb.             1 lb.

Pineapple Bratwurst - link              $ 7/lb.             1 lb.

Fiesta - link


Please contact us about making a custom meat package.

Make your own package with any of our available homegrown meats of 50+ lbs. and receive a 10% discount .

Pre order a whole or half hog with a future butchering date for $5.50 per lb. USDA processing and smoking included.  

Purchase a whole hog by live weight to take to a butcher of your choice.  $2.50 per lb.