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Purchase 50+ lbs. of any of our in-stock homegrown meats and receive a 10% discount.  

2017 Beef price list 

All of our beef is from our own Grass-fed cows that we raise following Organic practices and rotational grazing.  Each animal is given personal care and attention and lives a good life. All beef is packaged and processed at local USDA facilities.   Follow our Facebook page to be the first to fine out when it's back in stock!


Ground Beef____$7/lb 

Stew Beef______$9/lb.  

Oxtail__________$9/lb. sold out

Short Ribs______$12/lb  sold out

Osso Bucco____$14/lb. sold out  

Flat Iron Steak__$15/lb. - sold out 

Rib steak______$16/lb. (Similiar to Ribeye)  

NY Strip_______$18/lb. 

Tenderloin_____$26/lb. (Filet Mignon) sold out 

Sirloin Steak____$15/lb.

T-Bone steaks___$16/lb. sold out


Soup Bones____$6/lb.  sold out

Tongue________$7/each - sold out 

Heart_________$8/each - sold out

Suet__________$9/pkg. sold out

We have been raising Registered Dexter Cattle since 2008when we purchased our first 2 cows: Shasta and Belle, a mother and daughter pair with a bull calf.  Since then, our herd has grown.  We are currently waiting to see what this years calving will bring!