"Country folks can survive."


Our laying Hens have free roam of the pastures, and the woods!  You never know where you will find them, but they always come home to roost at night to their secure chicken coop and always leave their yummy eggs for us to collect in the nest boxes. They eat locally raised and milled feed, fresh water, and all of the bugs, leaves, and grass they desire. 

Pasture raised / free range chickens: Wholes and split halves are available by appointment and at select farmers markets.  Our tasty meat chickens are a Cornish-X type bird that is raised outside in a chicken tractor that is moved to fresh grass at least once a day or free range (depending on the aerial predatory pressure at the time)  They are also fed locally raised and milled feed.  All of our chicken is available frozen unless prior arrangements have been made.

Frozen whole and half broilers ___ $5/ lb.

Necks, gizzards, feet, hearts & Livers____$2 / lb.

Free range eggs _________________________$3.50/dzn.

Free range eggs, whole and half chickens available by appointment 

and at select farmers markets .